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Jodhpur in Rajasthan is famous for Traditional Weeding wherein Mehndi, Haldi and other Traditional Functions are celebrated in the fashion, customs, taboos, and ethnicities. Marriage in India is considered as the Celebration of Lifetime, and it is one of the Key Events of Everyone’s Life.

With the Trend of Destination Wedding getting popular and prevalent, Jodhpur is one of the dream destinations for the Royal and Traditional Wedding Celebration. Jodhpur is a wedding destination place where the Modern Ideas get synergized with culture & custom.

The Royal India Wedding is professional and skillfully in managing the Wedding Planning in different locations including Jodhpur. We are a team of young



professionals who are self-motivated and vibrant. The Royal India Wedding team facilitates and materializes your Concepts into reality. We are disciplined and dedicated to meeting deadlines and delight you with the Hospitality.

We offer host choices of themes and concepts for the Wedding Planning or the Ceremony. For us, the event is not successful unless the hospitality and experience of the audiences or guests get imprinted in their minds for a lifetime.

The Wedding Ceremony or the Function is the most memorable celebration in every pair’s life. In Jodhpur, the Royal India Wedding is quite a popular Wedding Planner and Wedding Consultant. The Royal India Wedding carries a huge experience of wedding planning and organizing in different destination weddings across India including Jodhpur. Organizing Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and Other Social Events is the main foray of Royal India Wedding. We organize excellently and competently accomplished Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Social Events, Birthday Events or the other social events in Jodhpur.

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