Wedding Planning Tips and Guide

Setting The Wedding Date

The date is usually based on the auspicious time given by the family pundit, but it is thoughtful to make sure that it does not clash with any other event in the family ,and is convenient for people to attend.

Financing The Wedding

How do you plan to finance the wedding? It is a good idea if the parents commit a specific amount of money, and the bride groom supplement this. Take reference from friends or relatives who have recently conducted weddings.

  • Maintain a budget file to check all expenses.
  • Make a list of urgent and optional items.
  • Assign each element an approximate amount or a percentage.



This is the first of the formal ceremonies. Traditionally, rings and gifts are exchanged between the bride and groom’s families. Ascertain ring sizes and buy the engagement rings well in advance, so that the couple can try them out before the ceremony.

Guest List

The number of guests likely to attend will decide your planning of venue accommodation, catering and finances.

  • To avoid duplication of common friends discuss the list with the other family.
  • Compile a consolidated list of invitees with their postal address and telephone numbers.

Invitation Cards

Invitation Cards are now available in individualistic and unique designs.

  • Place the order for invitation with a printer will in advance.
  • A few extras with come in handy
  • Also order for informal card for writing thank you notes.
  • It is in good order to place a small map of the venue on the invitation card.
  • Start mailing the invites two months in advance for outstation guests.
  • Based on the RSVPs, compile a list of confirmed attendees.
  • It is a nice gesture to send invites to even those family members and friends who you know will not be able to attend the ceremony.

Service Providers

Service providers include the caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, DJ, printer, etc. Start negotiating for good service and rates as soon as the wedding date is fixed.

  • Get references and interview several service providers. Get quotes from more than one service provider in each category for the best deals.
  • Do not make bulk advance payments in cash.
  • Have all contracts formally signed on paper.
  • You could hire an event manage for the entire wedding arrangement.
  • If it’s the season for weddings, make all bookings in good time.
  • Maintain a list of the confirmed service providers.


The venue will depend on the wedding theme, the number of guests, the ceremonies to the conducted, whether a buffet or sit-down arrangement, indoor or outdoor arrangement etc.

  • Book the venue once the dates of the pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies have been fixed.
  • Check the seating capacity/arrangement, music, parking space, electricity, power backup and fire safety facilites.
  • If the marriage function is planned outdoors, check for weather conditions and permission from related authorities.
  • Confirm all bookings in writing a month before.
  • Visit the site a day or two before the ceremony.


You can choose between hotels/banquet halls and private caterers. Go by recommendations.

  • Inspect the cutlery and crockery, furniture, linen and napkins.
  • Order for any other essential items that the caterer does not provide.
  • If alcohol is being served, ensure appropriate glasses and bar services.
  • Also check for hygiene conditions and overall service.
  • Re-check and sample the food menu a week before the ceremony.
  • Assign a family member to supervise the catering services on the wedding day.
  • Arrange for additional domestic help.
  • Maintain a list of things to be bought and stock up on extra ration, groceries, gas cylinders, crockery, etc
  • Plan a weekly menu to avoid last minute worries.
  • Keep your jewellery in a safe place.

Ladies Sangeet

  • Decide whether it will be a small family gathering or a big event with a professional band in attendance.
  • Book a mehndiwali well in advance. She /he should bring the necessary material.
  • Lest the songs and hand out the lyrics to all, or you can use taped music as a back-up.
  • Hold practice sessions prior to the wedding, if you are so inclined.
  • Arrange for snacks or a caterer if the gathering is large.


  • Decide whether it will be a sit-down affair or a buffet.
  • Make the arrangements in advance and confirm with the venue manager/caterer in writing.
  • Specify the number of guest expected to the caterer if you do not want to pay for extra food
  • Confirm arrangements a day before the event.
  • Setup a gift table and assign a family member to receive gifts. Maintain a list of the gifts.
  • Allocate space for a live band, bar and dining.
  • After the reception, move flower bouquets and leftover liquor to the couple’s residence.

Health And Check

It is advisable to get a through physical examination done. Consult a gynaecologis to delay or per-pone your menstrual cycle and discuss the contraceptive methods you could use.

Legal Formalities

Register the marriage.

  • Inform change in address to the postal department and to all relatives and friends.
  • Apply for change of maiden name in important document such as insurance, bank accounts, fixed deposits, ration card, etc.
  • It is in good order to ask the lawyer to list the items that the bride has brought.
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